Sorry folks, I just don't feel like blogging right now. Rest assured, I'll be back after I've refreshed myself. Enjoy the archives. -Adam - We didn't do too bad.

Well, I haven’t blogged in awhile… but I’ll tell ya’ll ‘bout that in the next installment.

I’m writing to tell the world that, after kicking butt on the re-design of The Onion, we just launched a re-alignment of the 10-year old New York Times website! There’s alot that can (and will) be said about it (good AND bad). Most of all, it’s not quite what it could be. Nevertheless, considering the challenges of championing standards based “Web 2.0” development in a giant legacy company like the New York Times... I’m going to say we didn’t do half bad.

Yeah—I know… this is a completely random project for me. But—It’s the New York Times! So, I hope ya’ll enjoy—despite the ineffiencies.

At New York Times Digital they have alot of fantastic resources, so I know it will come along in short order.

Remember, this is one small step for the NYTimes, but one giant leap for the world of CSS and standards based development.