Sorry folks, I just don't feel like blogging right now. Rest assured, I'll be back after I've refreshed myself. Enjoy the archives. -Adam

The Big Apple

I can’t get anything done today. I’ve just been sitting here watching the clock spin.

This is bad news. In exactly one week I leave for San Francisco for five days to have a little chat about Ajax. It would be nice to get some things done before then, but at this rate, I’ve already failed.

You see, today is Tiger Day. At 6pm I will be heading over to the Apple Store and grabbing a pretty new Powerbook. I’ve never been this excited over a new piece of computing paraphernalia.

What’s worse? Keegan, Ryan, and The Noobs have decided to tease me with a peek at their new site, I Heart Widgets. This is the most fantastic looking “coming soon” page I have ever seen. I hate them for it. I signed up first thing this morning, and I’ve been refreshing ever since. I know it won’t be launched today… but I persevere.

David & I have come up with a few ideas for a little widget. To be honest, the widget isn’t as cool as the web app that will accompany it; I just want to make widgets… lot’s of them… but I can’t. Not until 6pm.

It’s 2pm now. Widgets, I heart you! We will be together soon.