Sorry folks, I just don't feel like blogging right now. Rest assured, I'll be back after I've refreshed myself. Enjoy the archives. -Adam

Goodtime with Google Maps

The other day Matt Haughey posted a Google Map of his city and added a bunch of notes. Plutor called it a “memorymap” and Johnny created a Photo Pool.

I got bored and decided to add three maps of Albany documenting just about my entire life. I’m going to add a forth shortly to cover the blank spots and catch up to where I am now. It was actually a lot of fun, and reminded me why I still love this place.

I also stitched together this full resolution image of “Circuit Gilles Villeneuve” in Montreal for all us Formula 1 lovers out there.

This was just too much fun to not post about!

(Any Google/DigitalGlobe/EarthSat employees out there have an idea why half of Albany is obfuscated?)