Sorry folks, I just don't feel like blogging right now. Rest assured, I'll be back after I've refreshed myself. Enjoy the archives. -Adam

Back to Reality

Ok, so I’m really back now. The past few weeks have been an odd mix of great and awful, only today do I finally feel like I’m settling back into reality.

My vacation to SandalsThe Royal Bahamian” could not have been any better! I had never been on an all-inclusive vacation before and it cost a bit more than otherwise upfront, so I was a bit anxious to see what it was all about… It was the best!

When Sandals says “all-inclusive” they mean ALL inclusive. On “inclusive” cruises and such, you still pay for your booze, you tip, etc. At Sandals, you pay for NOTHING. Food, alcohol, room service, activities, water sports, gratuity… it’s all included. The only time I had a wallet in my pocket was when we went into town, it felt extremely liberating.

It was just perfect. I took a few videos about 1500 photos, 150 of which I’ve put on my Flickr at low resolution. Check them out!

Just before I left, I saw that Ryan Sims of The Big Noob linked me up on Stylegala with some really nice comments. As a result of this, and the popularity of FAT, my still-an-infant blog received an insane amount of traffic over the past few weeks! Thanks to all of you for the love, I can’t tell you how appreciative I am. Thank you specifically to Ryan, finding I’d been heralded by one of the best designers in the world definitely contributed to an extremely relaxing vacation!

I returned from the Bahamas last Thursday (kicking and screaming the whole way!) to find I’d missed a whole lot, including Yahoo’s purchase of Flickr. I then spent Friday in Manhattan where I attended a party, hosted by Bruce Spector and Nick Denton, celebrating David Galbraith’s move to New York.

Meeting so many of my role models and “internet acquaintances” was a blast. Besides David, Nick, and Bruce, other big names in attendance included Jason Kottke, Matt Linderman, Joshua Schacter to name a few. I definitely found myself a bit star struck (so not cool!).

The biggest surprise of the night had to be how fucking cool Nick Denton is. I guess the grandeur of Gawker had given me an ill-formed view of Nick as another big rich successful executive of sorts. Well, he is all that I suppose, but he doesn’t bring along any of the baggage! Nick was the first in the room to introduce his self, and was extremely friendly and welcoming. We spent a good deal of time later in the night just bullshitting around with David, another extremely genuine guy. I hope that if I am ever half as successful and skilled as either of them, I can do as great a job keeping my feet on the ground.

Later in the weekend I found some time to go through my referrer logs and was thrilled to see that Erik Sagen linked me up as a “Friend”. Erik publishes Kartooner, which is in my opinion, one of the most uniquely designed, written, and illustrated weblogs on the web today. I’ll be sure to return the sentiment to Erik in the next round of Tackboard upgrades. Thanks buddy!

On Monday, I returned to the 9-5 gig where my post-vacation high started to dim. I absolutely hate the way big organizations work, it’s de-humanizing. Sufficiently bummed, I left that evening and decided to have a visit with my buddy Pat, who happened to be on vacation the same week as me. On the way to Pat’s office I was listening to radio-host Andrew Wilkow, who also happened to be on vacation the same week as me. He was telling a very interesting story about his travels that stuck with me.

I got to Pat’s office and we began chatting about our trips, sharing our stories, whatever, just kicking shit around really. We found that we shared a similar experience that happened to coincide with what Andrew was going on about (cryptic I know), when it hit us, The Next Big Thing (for us at least).

We started to have some sort of weird mutual brainstorm… it was cool. The whole concept we’ve come up with is pretty natural, and I think pretty neat. We’ve spent the rest of this week sketching things out, mocking things up, and I’m thrilled to say… I think we’ve got it!

This is cool enough, and natural enough that we’ve decided to pause Higgle for a moment. I hope this turns out to be a good move, we’ve invested plenty in Higgle so far, but this new thing is just neat and can really bolster our plans with Higgle in the long run.

So that’s where I’m at. I hoped my vacation would inspire and relax me, it did wonderfully. Reality had me bumming for a minute, but things have turned out for the better. It’s funny how life works.

I’ll be spending the next several weeks working on this new project pretty hard. But before I go full steam ahead, I’ll be finishing up FAT 1.0, and cleaning up the Tackboard. I’ll also try to blog more often here on out, it’s good for me.

Anyway, thank you for all the support you’ve been showing me. Go to Sandals, eat, drink, and be merry! ;)