Sorry folks, I just don't feel like blogging right now. Rest assured, I'll be back after I've refreshed myself. Enjoy the archives. -Adam

The Royal Bahamian

Tomorrow morning I leave for a week in the Bahamas to rest, drink, relax, drink, celebrate my birthday, and drink. ;)

I'm bringing along three cameras and 5.5GB of memory, so my Flickr will be more than flooded when I get back!

I'll try and get in a few more good posts before I go, but no promises… my mind is already on Bahamas time.

Thanks for all the love (353 bookmarks since Monday!) so many of you have given my blog these past few weeks, I'm happy to have ya'll!

Hopefully I'll be seeing some of you in Manhattan next Friday for Galbraith's party! If not, I'll catch you here on Saturday. Aloha! … or whatever the hell they say in the Bahamas… haha.