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The Tackboard Development Journal

Hey there. Thanks for stopping in on the development of Tackboard!

Tackboard is an Accessible and Standards Compliant Ajax Web Application. Inspired by discussions with the good folks at 37signals, I began developing Tackboard on Thursday, February 24th, and gave it a name on February 25th.

Why Tackboard? In the first day of development, I realized that when posting to journal entries through Ajax, it did not feel like “posting”. It felt more “natural” than posting. It felt alot like “tacking” notes to a cubicle wall. Voila! Tackboard was coined.

Tackboard is a community development excercise. My goal for Tackboard is to demonstrate the ableness of modern Ajax based web applications to remain accessible and usable to incapable browsers. With Tackboard I also hope to demonstrate the complete seperation of Structure, Presentation, and Behavior in an Ajax application.

Why Axentric? The Tackboard at Axentric will serve as my full time development blog. Axentric is the first blog powered by Tackboard and will be maintained as a Tackboard “sandbox” of sorts. I hope to release the first complete, stable, and secure version of Tackboard under the GNU GPL at

Go ahead and Tack a Comment, if you like what you see, view-source and enjoy.

Major kudos to the guys at 37signals for inspiring this project with the pioneering efforts of Basecamp and Ta-da Lists. Thank you!