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Published May 8, 2014

Benefits Of Cleaning Your House in Fort Lauderdale

A clean house is not just nice to have, but it is a necessity for physical and mental health. According to a study done at Indiana University, they found a correlation between clean home, physical fitness and healthy people. On the other hand, clutter can disrupt many aspects of your life. House cleaning without a doubt has many advantages. Here are the benefits of house cleaning.

Reduces allergies Regular cleaning is the best way to reduce irritating allergens and dust from your home. Allergens like dust, mite droppings, pet hair and pollen get trapped in the carpets, beddings or upholstery and they get released each time you walk over. When furniture and carpets are deep cleaned with a wet extraction carpet cleaning machine will work wonders in helping to remove the allergens. People with allergies, asthma, and respiratory conditions can solve this problem by keeping their home clean.

A Smarter Way to Clean Your Home

Lower stress levels The environment you live in has a potential effect on your mental state and both the act of cleaning and maintaining a clean house can help to relieve and prevent unnecessary stress. When the house is clean you are able to find things much easier and makes maneuvering easier. This is because too much clutter can cause tremendous fatigue and stress when things take longer to find. Also, it is stressful when you have a large number of things in your home as it creates tension when you fell you need to do things with them.

Improve safety Fires and falls are two leading causes of injuries inside the home. When you keep the house organized and clean it reduces the chances of injury by keeping things out of harm’s way and minimizing clutter. Leaving items around like toys increases the chances of tripping over them and falling causes head injuries and broken or sprained limbs. Also, clutter easily hastens the spread of fire and hinder the ability to escape or to be rescued. It is important to keep your home free from clutter or spills by simply tidying up as it makes a huge difference in the overall safety of your home.

Prevent infection When you use disinfectants to clean the house you are able to kill microorganism, viruses, and bacteria that can compromise your health. With dirty kitchens, carpets, and bathrooms it is a source that harbors dangerous germs and bacteria and especially in carpets, there is a pile up of bacteria like salmonella, listeria, and shigella. By cleaning your home your target these bacteria that are responsible for many food borne infections and illness. By disinfecting the toilets, kitchen counter tops and bathrooms in your home, you can be protected from these potentially harmful pathogens.

Burn calories Cleaning house does not only make your house look good, it can actually burn about 200 calories. Activities like mopping, vacuuming, hand washing the dishes and sweeping can make you to work up and actually burn off the calories.

It is important to note that a clean house can mean the difference between life and death as those who leave in an unsanitary environment are more susceptible to illness. Always make sure you frequently clean the house.